Upon arriving in New Zealand I realized that a large part of its heritage falls on its natural places, its landscapes, its flora and fauna. During our van trip to the South Island, Jono and I entered the world of bird watching and photography #BirdNirds. When I decided to pick up the paintbrush in New Zealand for the first time in two years, I decided it would be something interesting to create a series of paintings portraying some of the most popular and picturesque birds that New Zealand’s endemic wildlife has to offer.

I stopped painting for a while but recently picked it up to bring some of my art into some of Wellington’s Craft Markets.

Some of my earlier experience with acrylics has been back home in Mexico painting a few murals over pellon fabric to use for a some tourism shows: Oaxacan Festival 2018, Ms Millenium Hotel, Acrylics on Pellon 3 x 4 m and Asian Booth, Touristic and Gastronomic Show 2016, U-ERRE Acrylics on Pellon 2.5 x 4 m

Check out more info and photos on my Murals tab.