# StayAtHome creating my Personal Brand || April 2020

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Hello everyone and welcome to another month: StayAtHome creating my Personal Brand || April 2020. Like everyone else, I started this month with the idea of ​​staying at home (not that there was any other option) and dedicating myself to continue working on my online platforms. Covid-19 in New Zealand Like most countries in the world, New Zealand I enter “lockdown” to serve quarantine.

From March 26 to April 26 we were on alert level 4 so the indication was not to go out for anything other than to do the shopping. From April 27 we started alert level 3 that will last 2 weeks and it is expected that we can return to “normal” life once this period of time is over.

StayAtHome creating my Personal Brand || April 2020

Week 1 (1-7): Personal Branding

At the beginning of the month it caught my attention to learn a little more about Personal Branding and lay the foundations on my different USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) from YouTube and my blog. This week I took most of this month’s courses on Branding (more details on the courses later in the post).

I plan to continue growing my personal brand not only with the theme of travel but in other aspects as well, such as personal lifestyle, art, journal, etc. Although I started to play with the different ideas and concepts, I did not actually come to a specific idea, however in the last week of the month I did reach a conclusion and make the decision that I think is the correct one (to find out the final decision, keep reading , wink wink).

I was also very excited by the Hot Air Balloon video that I uploaded to the channel. As I put it in the video description:

Youtube Video of the Week: Hot Air Balloon Ride in Vang Vieng, Laos | Travel

“This video made me very excited to record and edit because I began to experiment with the background in the video, for the first time I used sound effects and added my social networks at the end on the screen.

Also, to see the images and videos of This day I was very excited and I feel that the theme of the video goes a lot with the theme of the whimsical channel, whimsical, fantastic, dreamy. ”

Also, I made a post Hot Air Balloon Ride in Vang Vieng || Laos on the blog sharing more photos and details of that day, if you like to see it. Which in fact use as a script or base for the order and chronology of the video.

StayAtHome creating my Personal Brand || April 2020

Week 2 (8-14): Youtube Editing

This week I spent most of my time editing videos for the channel. Specifically the videos with Jono:

MEET MY BOYFRIEND | My New Zealand boyfriend 🇳🇿🥝speaking (Introducing himself) in Spanish

HOW I MET MY KIWI BOYFRIEND in Bangkok, Thailand (Storytime)

Also, I started doing some tests and designs for different social networks like instagram, youtube and this blog. Instagram:

Week 3 (15-21): A little existencial crisis + Marvel Movies

This week he gave me a little existential crisis on the different topics, how and where I should share them. After this crisis I decided to take the week to relax and completely stop routines and productivity.

Jono and I watched a LOT of Marvel movies. It is interesting that I have seen and know the basic history of most of the Marvel heroes but from a certain time I had not seen practically any of the new films. So in order to see the last two Avengers movies and understand the plot, we took a few days to see several of the films of the different characters involved such as Spiderman, Black Panther and Captain Marvel, among other Marvel films.

StayAtHome creating my Personal Brand || April 2020

Week 4 (22-30): Photoshoots

This week let my creativity fly. By organizing my Pinterest account I created different boards with ideas about photoshoots: Photoshoot Ideas.

Jono and I started experimenting and taking pictures inspired by these ideas. This was something very nice and interesting because both Jono and I have various individual interests but photography is one of the few things that intrigues us and we are struck by trying new things, in addition to activating our creativity and at the same time learning more about cameras, photography and videography, was one of the activities where we felt most close.


Hair Movement

Body Parts

Also, I took up the redesign of my Blog more specifically and made the decision to allow myself to start uploading other content to my current YouTube channel and this website instead of spreading the content across different accounts and platforms. I will also be uploading more content on Instagram in case you want to follow and see more of the photos we took in the month and those to come.


Online Courses

Personal Branding Courses Personal Branding: Creating your presence on social media (By Kate Arends)

Personal and lifestyle branding: Building your story (By Kate Arends)

DIY Your Brand Challenge (By Karo Assi)

I met Karo through a group on facebook where he advised me on which platform to use to start teaching English and Spanish online, English not being my first language (since most platforms require it).

From there I found your facebook page and your group, we became friends and I began to follow your content. At the end of this month I found a #Challenge where he teaches us the bases to design our personal brand and I was impressed!

About the Course

Although I have no knowledge or bases in graphic design, due to my taste for the arts and online marketing, it has always drawn my attention to know more about the theory and psychology of colors, neuromarketing, or even crazy things like hypnosis in the writing.

Also, I have recently taken courses in Personal Branding but I have never seen the design of a brand like this. Karo connected all the loose ends of knowledge that she had on issues related to branding and design.

Being a super visual person but I also try to have the greatest amount of information and technicalities to base my learning, I got a deep feeling of Aha! Where everything I learned with Karo gave meaning to years of collecting “bits & pieces” (pieces of knowledge).

If you like to join his fantastic facebook group & his different networks for more content you can follow his platforms here:

YouTube: bit.ly/bymisskassiyoutube

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bymisskassi

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/buildyourdreamonlinebusiness

Ademas, Karo esta preparing this small course where it gives you the bases to create your own brand. To know more click here: To come.

But before leaving this topic, for the excitement and discovery of the moment, I would like to share with you my exercises (tasks) that I create from each of the classes that I followed from Karo, so that give an idea and (if you haven’t already) dare to join.

Day 1: Fecundation of the Brand

First, we chose 3 keywords that represent your brand – travel, art, lifestyle 3 emotions you want your audience to feel – creative, vibrant, inspired 3 elements that represent you – bright and vibrant clothing / makeup, adventure and activities in nature, cultural articles (crafts, masks, buildings)

Day 2: Choosing the Colors of your Brand

Secondly, we chose some colors and created a color pallet for our brand.

Day 3: Choosing Your Brand Fonts

Thirdly, I chose a font from each category that I knew I could find in all the different places I’d need it like microsoft word, canva, etc.

Day 4: Everything you need to know about Logos

Then, we created a Logo. For this, the font and color pallete came into place.

Day 5: Canva Tutorial

Lastly, we learned some tricks to use Canva. Here is where I personally design all my graphics and thumbnails for my different social networks and now I will be applying the different bases to create more professional and harmonic graphics.

Skillshare Talks

Self-Taught to Self-Employed: Peggy Dean on Building Her Creative Career (by Peggy Dean)

Other Courses Creative Personal Writing: Write the Real You (by Ashley C. Ford)

Everyday Minimalism: Find Calm & Creativity in Living Simply (by Erin Boyle)

Personal Productivity: Five Exercises to Make Your Big Goal a Reality



This month I fell into the Hero, Historical Romantic & Musical zone. Watching some beautiful Musical Classics staring July Andrews like The Sound of Music & Mary Poppins for the first time.

I also explored a little bit of Saoirse Ronan’s work with Brooklyn, On Chesil Beach & Mary Queen of Scots.

The Sound of Music ♡

 Mary Poppins ♡ 


 On Chesil Beach 

 Mary Queen of Scots 

Hero Movies I watch this month:

Deadpool 2, Shazam, Thor: Ragnor, Black Panter, Civil War, Captain Marvel, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle & The Next Level, Spider Man: Homecoming & Far from Home, Avengers: Infinity Wars & End Game


 13 Reasons Why



25 Golden Maori Songs

Natalia Lafourcade – Musas


Dolly Parton – 9 to 5

Dolly Parton – Jolene

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Let’s call the whole thing off

Abba – I believe in Angels 

Movie Soundtracks

The Sound of Music 

StayAtHome creating my Personal Brand || April 2020

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