Covid-19 Delta Variant Lockdown in Wellington || August 2021

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Hello there and welcome back to another monthly blog! Today I’m going to share with you what’s going on lately after moving to Wellington CBD last month July 2021. If you follow me on social media or you live in New Zealand you probably already know that the Covid-19 Delta Variant came to New Zealand and this month we went into the third (second biggest) lockdown in New Zealand.


14 out of the 31 days of this month we spent indoors and lockdown trespassed to September as well. During lockdown I felt inspired to film and share a new youtube video after more than a year of not posting.

Wellington Walks

I’ve been thinking on filming some more videos showing Wellington Harbour and it’s surrounding.

I think due to the global situation and also because we now live here instead of it being a travel affair as Thailand and other places used to be, I haven’t gone out and explore Wellington as much as I could or showed this city the way it deserves to be shared.

Ollin Yoliztli

Ollin Yoliztli (Life & Movement in nahuatl) is a latin American folklore dance calpulli (collective in nahuatl) led by Mexican dancer and teacher, Laura Vargas.

This month of August 2021, they celebrate their first anniversary together by presenting a few of the dances that they’ve learned.

Not only Mexican dances but also a couple of Colombian and Peruvian dances as well.

I knew about them from a celebration last year where they presented a couple of Mexican dances and a few Colombian ones for 2020’s day of the death celebration in Aro Valley.

My friend Made invited me to see her dance last year. For this anniversary, my friend Mariana invited me.

Arts & Crafts

Plush Toy Clothes

Face Masks

Scrunchie & Face Wipe

August Review

August in one word:

“This month, I took steps to get closer to my goals & dream life” (1-10):


Highlights of August:

One thing I learned:

One thing I’m proud of:

How can I improve for next month?

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