Vancouver, New York & going back to my hometown Nuevo Leon after Covid || August 2022

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Hello there, welcome to August! The well awaited dive into the Americas as begun! I’m traveling out of New Zealand after 2+ years. If you read my past July 2022 blog, you know that I was really anxious about this trip at first but since traveling around as you’d see in this blog, I’m really happy to finally have traveled after so long.

Granted, I got a cold literally within the first couple of days in Vancouver. The cheapest (not cheap at all) and apparently only hostel in Vancouver doesn’t have AC and we got there at the end of a huge heat stroke so we were forced to keep the window open and even when the temperature had dropped, we needed to keep it open for air flow and I fell. Worse case scenario since we had to constantly go out and be social for the whole month – meeting Jono’s friends for the wedding in Canada, my family in New York and lots of extended family in Nuevo Leon.

Fortunately for me, you can’t really tell since outside of my painful throat and other cold symptoms, I had a blast! Never been to Canada before or New York, and I loved it.

Week 1 Vancouver & Sunshine Coast


Stanley Park



Sunshine Coast

Week 2 Whistler & Kelowna



Week 3 New York

Week 4 Nuevo Leon

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