Rugby, Battle Hill, Shopping & Art || July 2020

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Hello everyone and welcome one more month to my blog: Rugby, Battle Hill, Shopping & Art July 2020! This month I am very happy because there were many personal changes from the first week.

If you saw my blog for June you will know that last month was a bit slow for me. This mainly because it was my first month working after not worked for almost a year. Plus the quarantine for Covid-19 situation.

Still, the last two weeks of June we had the chance to go to the Wellington Zoo and Zealandia so this set the tone for the new month.

Also, I followed Aileen’s (from Lavender) interactive video to reflect on June and plan my July more consciously. This encouraged me to “hit the ground running” and re-organize my time to create more. Be more active and get out despite of winter.

If you’d like to see my full reflection, you can see my June Review video on Youtube or read it in my blog.

Week 1 (1-7) New Channel, Petone & Room Makeover

New Channel

If you follow me on my travel channel, you may have heard that I opened a new youtube channel.

This mainly because I did not feel very comfortable editing and uploading content with videos and footage I recorded during my travels.

At that time I was not aware that I was going to use them to make youtube videos. Reason why I felt somewhat frustrated that after having more experience with the camera and editing programs, I couldn’t create something interesting with the “ standards ” that I want to have.

As I kept living new experiences, learning new things and simply going through new stages of life apart from travel. I really wanted to have a space where I could share any kind of thing, topic or thought I had.

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If you’d like to follow me I leave my link here

Lunch in Petone

This week we weren’t sure if we were going to go out as both Jono and I were very focused on work but eventually we decided to go eat to a suburb in the Hutt Valley district called Petone.

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Petone has several very striking attractions for a small suburb outside the center of Wellington. Some of the things to do are:

  • Walking across Petone Beach
  • Eat and Shop in Jackson Street
  • Visit the Settlers Museum

For more information in Petone and its attractions check out my Petone Blog.

Seashore Cabaret

This day we decided to visit the Seashore Cabaret for lunch. We have been to Petone previously and ate on Jackson Street. However, when walking along the beach we noticed a building that caught our attention. We did a quick Google search and noticed how picturesque its design and brand image were. They were (at least me) intrigued and curious.

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When we arrived there was quite a que (well, at least 5 or 6 tables waiting before us) but we were located very quickly considering the amount of people. About 10-15 min (or so I felt from being distracted with all their decorations).

They warned us from the entrance that the food would take around 30 min but the waitresses were very efficient. We did not feel that they took long to come to take the order , bring the drinks and finally the food.

We ordered a hamburger, shrimp and a Jaffa shake.

Watch Video: Petone Vlog

Shopping in KMart Petone


As you know, before settling in Wellington I was traveling for several months through Southeast Asia and the South Island of New Zealand in summer. This after my internship in Thailand where I travel to only with a carry-on suitcase and a backpack with my electronics.

Although being in Thailand and traveling I collected some clothes, and my “closet” was no longer the size of a carry-on suitcase as it used to be… For obvious reasons I didn’t bought any winter clothes so far.

I got a long sleeve shirt and a couple of pants. If you like to see the complete review and the specific items you buy, click here.

Watch Video: KMart Shopping Haul

Office Supplies & Room Decor

I also bought a few more items to organize and decorate our office and bedroom. Including a jewelry organizer and a calendar board.

We Moved… Rooms!

As I mentioned in the introduction, this month we literally started to change a lot of things from the first week… One of the first things we did was that we we moved! fourth …

Let me explain: Where Jono and I are currently living, we have two rooms that we use all the time. The bedroom and a room that we use as an office and living room.

Watch Video: Room Tour

Semana 2 (8-14) Rugby, Baking & Web Design

Among the highlights of this week are the Rugby Hurricanes vs Highlanders game, baking cupcakes, working “backstage” on social media and my website.


Jono and I decided it would be a good experience to go see Rugby together. Since I work on weekends (except Sunday) it was difficult for me to attend. Luckily this week the game took place on Sunday 12.

Super Rugby 2020 is the 25th season of Super Rugby, which takes place between January 31 and June 19.

Since most of the other matches would take place on Saturday and this game was between Jono’s team (Hurracanes) we decided to go.

Read my full Rugby Experience Blog here.

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Watch Video: Rugby Vlog


I’ve been looking for ideas to do as a side hustle for extra money and decided it might be worth trying to bake some cupcakes as I used to do back in high school.

I also thought it would be fun to try and do some pipping and experimented with these rose design. I’ve done rose pipping before but with a different tip.


I’ve been working on my social media and changed the image of my Facebook to match YouTube and Instagram.

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Website Building

As you already know, I have kept making changes to my website, learning about Elementor, and adding more content. This week I was also given the go-ahead to build my first website for a client.

This got me quite excited because one of my biggest short-term goals is to be able to create a 100% income from home. Even if I continue to work part time or get other opportunities, my goal for the coming years is to create an income where I do not depend on companies (being an employee) to support me.

For this reason this news represents a great achievement for me and is the first step for my idea of ​​freelance and online business.

Week 3 (15-21) Hiking Battle Hill & Painting

Hiking Battle Hill

Walk along the valley floor before climbing up and out onto farmland to the Battle Hill summit. Battle Hill Farm Forest Park is 500 hectares of rolling paddocks, native bush and forestry, just under 40km from Wellington. 

Watch Video: Battle Hill Hiking Vlog


I’ve been painting some more. Specially the Kereru and the Kaka even though I don’t love them, I’m proud that I’ve painted more than one painting and I’ve been working on them.

Week 4 (22-28) Home Alone while Jono’s away Skiing

This week Jono went skiing with a friend for the weekend and I stayed home since I had to work. This week was a turning point in the decisions I’m making for the next month.

Because of the time I had to reflect on my feelings and decide what I really want to do.

At the end of the week also coming from the changes at the beginning of the month and this last week, I continued decorating the room a bit. Jono and I took some plants from the garden and around the house to bring a little life to our work area.

I’ll be doing some other shopping to continue decorating and organizing the place.

Week 5 (29-31) Planning for August

Again, I started the month of August reflecting with Aileen from Lavendaire’s system. I will be doing a vision board and making changes in my activities, strategies and attitudes.

My intention for August…

Is to be bright and fun.

3 Goals for August

  1. Put my model & art portfolio on this website.
  2. Finish my Tui, Kereru & Kaka Paintings + Paint Flowers.
  3. Look for fun & Casual Jobs + Have Fun at Work.

3 Activities

  1. Take part on a Winter Activity (Ski, Ice Skate, etc).
  2. Learn something Completely New.
  3. Start a Cosplay.

3 Habits

  1. Drink a 600ml water bottle in the Morning and Night.
  2. Exfoliate or add a new “skincare” weekly.
  3. Hacer mas de 5 hrs de Yoga + Lograr parado de manos.

Rugby, Battle Hill, Shopping & Art July 2020

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Thanks for reading and see you next time! ♡

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