Getting ready for the Americas || July 2022

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Hello there! Welcome to another monthly blog. Today we’re talking July 2022. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and months leading to this one. Jono and I are going to be traveling to the Americas at the beginning of August – Aka. end of this month! It’s been a bit stressful to be honest, preparing everything we need, thinking about the things that have to be done in New Zealand before leaving and preparing for what’s to come.

This trip we’re embarking on is intended to be around 5-6 months although we’re not sure how things will end up unfolding. So far we have August planned in the general sense of which countries we’d be at each week but we didn’t really planned that much more in detail.

Our only other big trip had been to South East Asia and it happened almost by chance. On this occasion we have a wedding to attend in one of the counties, a meetup with my parents and brother in another and coming back to my hometown after more than 3 years in a third. A part from that we’re potentially going on a trip to Central America for a couple of months and (get this) stopping for a second wedding in India on the way back to New Zealand!

On the other hand, I’m still trying to do as many hours before switching my contract to casual at work while training to become a tour guide as well as an event supervisor! I’m trying to get as much work as possible to hopefully be able to come back to giving tours and supervising at work.

Work: Paintvine & Te Papa

School Holidays & Lego

Tara & Callum

Jono and I did our very first wedding photoshoot with my friend Tara and her now husband Callum! They had their wedding up in Hamilton and unfortunately they weren’t able to take sweet Gaia with them so it was really special to be able to give them this bit of togetherness and memory with their beautiful pooch.

Going forward, it’d be fun to take some more pictures for friend’s weddings and who knows? maybe we’ll become full time photographers. Wedding photographers at that!


Taking about photoshoots, I also had a bit of a photoshoot myself after getting inspiration from a pair of glasses I got to use against UV light. I decided to go with these very bulky but stylized pair that really became a thing and I loved them! Although they became more of an aesthetic piece instead of practical assets since I’m not generally used to wearing glasses, they ended up making me as disoriented as not wearing them and just staring directly into the screen.

Haircut x 3?!

Preparing for the Americas

Dress Hunt

I ended up not wearing any of these because I couldn’t decide in time and I used one dress I already had at home. After having my hair cut so short very few days before going overseas, I did panic because I didn’t know how to style it or do my makeup for this new hair and I just had to give it my best shot. At the end of the day the wedding went well but more on that on my Sunshine Coast blog:

25 Trying clothes for trip

16 July Fixing clothes

27 Gift bags

Auckland Trip

One last hooray! in New Zealand before going overseas was a little trip to Auckland for an engagement party.

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