Ayutthaya, China Town & Asiatique || March 2019

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Hello everybody! And welcome to a new month with me in this Bangkok living journaling series. If you haven’t seen the past ones you can read them in the links below.

This month was kind of a roller coaster of emotions for me. As you could have seen by last month’s post, I started to get to know more people, finding new places and doing more things.

This month I wanted to do the same but a series of feelings interfere with the smoothness of my experience and fun oriented goals in Bangkok.

Before starting, if you’re planning on visiting Bangkok in the future, in this post you can see a little bit of information about things to do and festive events in Thailand for this month.

First week

The first week of the month I was a little unsure about when and how to go and explore next as I already knew my surroundings fairly well and it started to be time for me to go a little bit further to get to know Bangkok.

Micaela had already left by this time and I stopped going to Chula for practice because they were on exam period so I didn’t have anybody to go with but I decided to go by myself to China Town as it is one of the nearest touristic places to see.

China Town

I actually wanted to find its retail area to buy fabric and craft supplies as I heard there’s extremely good deals and I wanted to start some crafts with fabric but I couldn’t found it!

Still, I went through Yaowarat road and had a peak of what they have to offer. A lot of street food and intricate Chinese signs all over. I bought a little pack of cute red Chinese envelopes for my travel journal and a couple of snacks (I’ll be posting a blog about thai street food, snacks and desserts to try in the future!).

I also found a little food stand in the side of a small street selling bowls of different insects for just 80 baht and I couldn’t resist! I know for a lot of people eating insects sounds nuts, even for Thai people in Bangkok!

Usually (as they told me) the people who eat insects in Thailand are people from small villages and provinces outside Bangkok and people in the city sees eating insects as something very gross and strange as it is in Mexico.

If you didn’t know, in Mexico we also have a huge variety of edible insects such as grasshoppers, maguey worms and scorpions. Its also similar to Thailand in the sense that not anybody eats insects, some people are grossed out by it but in the center and south its common to be added to dishes or just eaten as snacks.

Personally, my family who comes from Monterrey City, we are not naturally supposed to eat insects but as my brother is a chef and both of my parents, specially my mother’s side of the family comes from a place of humility if you will, which gives us the openness to try everything without judging.

And once we’ve tried, at least personally, I loved it! That’s why since planning to come to Thailand I knew I wanted to try Thai’s insects.

While trying my insects and walking on the streets I heard somebody talking in my back about the insects… in Spanish! I kept walking a while until I decided to stop and take some pictures of the street and the people behind reached me, I turned around and say “Hola”.

When they realized I spoke Spanish we started talking and I shared my insects with them (funny thing to say, haha), heading later to Asiatique together. I won’t give too many details about it now but I can say its a pretty fancy place to spend the night out and if you get into the small corners through the shops you can find very good deals! Even better than comparing different shops at MBK.

I bought some pillow cases, a pair of muay thai trousers, a cute elephant pillow and I spotted some other nice things.


The next day we went to Ayutthaya together by train and we rent some bicycles to see around. I just have one thing to say… Ayutthaya is definitively worth it but the way you explore it will be very different depending of what you want, you could go by bicycle, by tuktuk, walking, etc.

The easiest is the tuktuk but you might not be able to explore the city the same way. Also, its not mandatory but going with a guide or just approaching other people’s guide (that’s what I did) to hear about the history of the place changes the whole perspective of what you’ll be seeing.

Be careful about the sun, specially if you’ll try to go by bicycle or walking because you could get a heatstroke. I’ll talk more about Ayutthaya (prices, maps, tips) in a different post.

Second week

This week we started practicing at Chula again after some days off and I received some things I ordered from internet (a dotted notebook for bullet journaling and a kit of watercolor markers) and joining both events happening I decided to call this week the inspiration week.

Talking to a very artsy friend from Chula’s Club about drawing and art in general and getting involve with thai arts again I was inspired to draw a little buddha and some other doodles in the journal for this week.

This week I also shoot a little part of my testimonial for World Wide Internships at the hotel which was very interesting because it got me thinking about the things and experiences overall that I am planing to head in the coming months as Nick (from WWI) asked me to imagine as if the internship was already done.

This is actually a long term project Nick is working on and you’ll be able to see it some time in the future. As I’m staying in Thailand for a year (as its not a very common thing), instead of just having a small testimonial filmed, I’ll have a compilation of all the memories in a documentary form so you’ll see a very nice film at the end of this year.

Third week

This week was a thought one, over all I would say I started to feel a little bit behind my thinking process in the sense that last week I was inspired and doing a lot of things but this weeks I got overwhelmed by my urge to do everything.

Also I think everybody that I was seeing or talking to was getting busy with their own things and I started to feel a little bit lonely. Let alone, I had three days off and I didn’t.

This week I happened to have three days unexpectedly because at the beginning of the month my schedule said one day but the day before that day I was supposed to work morning and somebody changed my shift the day before without telling me.

At the end they gave me a day off but I didn’t got any plan so I stayed at home doing nothing. The next day I slept all day because I wasn’t feeling good and the next day I was also supposed to work in my original schedule but it turns out it was my free day but I had to go to Thai embassy for my visa extension and I had to be there all day waiting for my turn!

In summary, I had three days off together that I could have used to do something special but I couldn’t anticipate because I was told the same day and a day before. Also I didn’t feel good for other reasons, you can read further about this in my post “The truth about“.

Related image

Forth week

This week I had to pick myself up and decided to go out with some friends to different places such as the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. Also I joined a new club called Bangkok Stories where several people from around the world living in Bangkok are gathering to participate in the creation, writing and filming process of new projects to talk about how is the life around Bangkok so beware about future projects!

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Thanks for reading and see you next time! ♡

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