Sewing Projects, Flower Photoshoot, Ecclesfield Reserve, Anxiety Group & Counseling || May 2021

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Hello guys, I think it’s been a while since I actually sit to write a blog post. I feel like I’ve not being connecting with my blog for a while even if I’ve been posting some photos about what I’ve been up to.

The first half of this month was a little bit difficult for me. Physically, my nerve pain (caused by posture & a hand injury) came back due to a lot of physical work I had to do for my casual work shifts. On another note, the appointment I had at the end of April for my ADHD assessment left me doubting myself and feeling down and lost… discouraged all over again. I also started an Anxiety Support group and private sessions with a counselor. More on that note down bellow.

Flower Photoshoot

One of the first things of this month was a modeling collab with photographer Morgane Amet. She’s a great family & landscape photographer who has been getting more into portrait and beauty photography lately and decided to join in with tons of talented MUAs and Models around wellington to create some beauty concepts. Unfortunately, due to time issues on my part, I only had the chance to shoot one makeup look but I’m looking forward to the result images.

If you want to see some of the back stage photos check out the blog link down below! And don’t forget to have a look at Morgane’s work as well. ♡

Ecclesfield Reserve

One of the nice places I managed to visit this month wasn’t too far from home. We went for a walk to Ecclesfield Reserve in Upper Hutt. To be honest, it is probably one of the best most cozy walks I’ve done. The time of the day we walked through was just perfect for beautifully lid pictures. You can have a look at some of them in the blog listed down bellow.

Sewing Projects

This month I got really into sewing work after sewing my pirate costume for the Wellington Sea Shanty Society Concert last month. Having sewn a 12 meter tiered skirt, a peasant blouse and a reversible corset in a short period of time had me super exited to tackle more sewing projects.

I started trying to finish a few of the little quick repairs I’ve been accumulating and details I needed to get done for some of my past projects. After that I concentrated on a new set of projects that will take a little while to complete but I’m as equally excited to share:

Princess Peasant Dress

Another thing that I worked on this month were two of my princess “peasant dresses”. People reading my blog might not be aware (or might be) that I’m really into costumes and cosplay. I haven’t had too many opportunities before to spend money and take the time to sew or put together something out of the necessities.

Now that I’m stablished though, I decided to pursue my dream projects and one of those had always been sewing and creating my collection of Disney princess dresses. As a beginner sewer, it just makes sense to start with the simple costumes so I decided to give the peasant dresses a go since they generally include very similar shapes but with enough changes in color and details to give me the chance to practice but also learn little things along the way.

I started this project with Cinderella and Belle‘s dresses because they’re two of the original old school princesses and they both have the basic pieces I wanted to start with: Circle Skirts, Basic Bodice with different necklines & a few extra accessories.

I’ll be sharing more details and full description of each costume and project in the future, once they’re done and I’m able to take nicer pictures to go with it.

Anxiety Support Group & Counselling

As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, it was a though month from the get go. My ADHD assessment didn’t go too well and I had a bit of an identity crisis. On my GP’s recommendation back in March was to join a service for Mental Health help for young people and young adults called Vibe. At first I was reluctant so I delayed getting in contact for a while but I eventually did and after a waiting period I started some private counseling sessions along with an Anxiety Support Group.

I basically attended twice a week to this facility to talk about anxiety and my own issues. It was an interesting experience to finally being able to talk to somebody about personal issues and thoughts that I’ve been bottling up not being able to admit and confide to anybody else for my fear of feeling weak for not being able to handle it and being a failure.

Since it is a youth help space the people in the support group were girls younger than me and it was interesting to see how Anxiety and other issues affect people at different stages. If anybody relating to this group or any other mental health support group sees this, I want to send you all of my love and wish you the best on your journey. If you’re feeling any kind of way, you don’t have to deal with it on your own, ask for help. ♡

For young people under 24 in the Hutt Valley, check out for more info.

May Review

May in one word:


Highlights of May:

  1. Peasant Costumes
  2. Ecclesfield Reserve
  3. Flower Photoshoot
  4. Anxiety Support Group

One thing I learned:

I can make things happen. Before, I would have many limiting beliefs on what I could do because I felt like I wasn’t allowed (didn’t deserve being able to do things I wanted to do) and I didn’t have the means. Now I know it is up to me to allow myself and to provide for my projects. I have to get used to the power of being able to decide, decide I will allow myself and do what I need to get it done.

One thing I’m proud of:

  1. Opening up and accepting help from my counselor and support group.
  2. Allowing myself to start projects I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

How can I improve for next month?

Being kind and allow myself put efforts into what you love without having to give a reason for it.

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Thanks for reading and see you next time! ♡

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