New domain, Zelandia & More || June 2020

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Hello everyone and welcome one more month to my blog: New domain, Zelandia, Wellington & More || June 2020. I hope you are very well and are having fun.

Some of my best moments in June include the purchase of my domain, a visit to Zealand, the Wellington Zoo and my art work. Shall we start?

Week 1 (1-7)

If you have seen my youtube video Life Update you will know that this week’s “highlight” is that I buy a domain!

I bought a Domain!

(Click here to see the full post)

I wrote a full post about this so if you want to read more you can click in the link above As a general context, I’ve obviously been writing this blog for a while…

Although I don’t write it so regularly (more as a way to share what I’m living) I decided that it would be a good idea to invest in building my blog and website more professionally.

Not only to have a base to share my projects, but to learn about web design and other skills.

Throughout the month I have been learning about web construction through design tools like Elementor. And in general about the use of for blogs and web pages.

Art Materials

With the first weekly salary and taking advantage of the fact that at the end of last month I started painting again, I allowed myself to take a tour of the art supplies store. The truth is that I have never been a dedicated artist and I have always made art at the cost of practicality in the sense that I only paint or draw if I am going to use whatever I am going to create.

E.g. The murals that I have created have been used for school projects or events. Most of my drawings have been for classes or because someone asked.

Although I still hope to profit by improving my skills to possibly start an online art store, I wanted to begin to give myself freedom in terms of acquiring materials even if I do not have something specific in mind for the pieces I am going to create.

My purchases

So, trying not to go overboard and buy things that I can use and learn from. I started by buying a watercolor paper notebook since the sketches I have may contain watercolor but still the paper ends up wrinkled.

The second thing I bought was … well, watercolors. The truth is that I have never painted with watercolors before, that’s right.

During my travels in Southeast Asia, I found some watercolor pencils in a convenience store that were not very expensive and they caught my attention so I bought them.

Last year for inktober 2019 I used these pencils and it was very interesting although the variety of colors is very limited and obviously not exactly the same as watercolors. So to use my paper buy my watercolors.

Upper Hutt River Side
Video of the Week: No Video

Just like the last week of May, I have been adjusting to my new job so I have not had a chance to edit any videos to upload to YouTube despite having enough images and video for various video ideas. I wanted to pay attention to learning and adapting to things that I need for my work.

Week 2 (8-14)

Creating my Artist CV & Portfolio

Creating my portfolio is something that has been on my mind for a while. When I am looking for jobs on facebook, I receive notifications from time to time regarding available jobs.

This week I received a notification of a art related work that caught my attention. This is why I decided to complete my CV and start creating a portfolio. I’m still editing. I have other templates and designs but this is my first final design.

Modeling Casting

Also, through a facebook group I heard about an opportunity to participate in a job as a model to sculpt an Angel figure to use on top of a building here in Wellington.

Shelf sitter angel sculpture by Giulio Monterverde, Cimitero Del Verano, Rome

Personally, I think the most interesting modeling jobs are those that have something directly related to art such as artistic makeup, costumes, or something more crazy and different like this.

I will know if I can participate in this project in a few weeks. Obviously I hope so, but even if I didn’t get it, I thought this was an interesting enough project to share.

untitled image
Riddiford Gardens
Winter is Coming

We are feeling the winter. Rainy and cold days. Alfie literally sleeps in front of the heater. New Zealand’s winter season is around June – August.

Video of the Week: Life Update

As I mentioned earlier, the last week of May and this first week of June I stopped uploading videos to YouTube as I wanted to be focused on work and specific things that I had to learn for it.

In this week’s video I share about this as well as the purchase of my domain and a new channel!

Week 3 (15-21)

Anyone who has seen anime or avatar-style series will know that once you start, it is very difficult to have self-control and ration the number of episodes you see per day.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Well as you hear, this week apart from the days working in Bistro and Marketing, I spend the rest of the time watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra . I finished both series (50-odd episodes each) in less than a week (and I don’t regret it).

Although in the end I did feel bad about even stopping doing yoga and very basic things in my routine during the week, especially because here in New Zealand we are already in winter and it depends of oneself to establish the mood of your day because the days are no longer sunny and the weather does not invite you to leave the house (or pajamas).

Video of the Week: There was no video.

Although I wasn’t busy my mind was elsewhere outside of productivity so there was no video for this week.

Week 4 (22-28)


(Click here to see the full post)

From May 16 to June 30, 2020, general admission is free for Zealandia. So Jono and I took the opportunity to go free.

Zealandia is the world’s first fully fenced urban ecosystem, with an extraordinary 500-year vision to restore the forests and freshwater ecosystems of the Wellington Valley as close as possible of its prehuman state. The 225 hectare ecosystem is an innovative conservation project that has reintroduced more than 20 species of native wildlife to the area, some of which were absent in New Zealand for more than 100 years.

Other birds you can find

untitled image
Video of the Week: There was no video.

This week was also a bit slow and I was a bit discouraged for not having done much so I was reconsidering several of the activities that I have been doing in order to prioritize and be able to do what I consider more relevant to my life at this moment.

Week 4 (29-30) New Beginnings

Wellington Zoo

(Click here here to see full post)

Wellington Zoo is New Zealand’s first zoo, and Wellington’s oldest conservation organization, caring for animals since 1906. The zoo is a non-profit charitable organization, and has been since 2003. The Foundation runs the zoo on behalf of Wellington City Council.

More about the Zoo

untitled image
Meet the locals

Fun Fact: A few years ago, you had the saying that in New Zealand there was a count of having 20 sheep for every New Zealander. And even today New Zealanders continue to share this curious fact. Still, the statistic has changed over the years and the sheep population has dropped to 5.6 per person.

“Do you remember the days when there were 22 sheep for New Zealanders? … New Zealand now has 5.6 sheep for every person, far from the peak of 22 .. . “(Quote)

More animals in Wellington Zoo

Video of the Week (4 de Julio): Welcome to my New Channel!

As I told you in the Life Update video: I decided to start a new youtube channel ! This with the idea of ​​being able to share more of the day to day and things that I am going through week after week even if it is not something that has to do with travel or a specific topic.

I will start uploading videos weekly on this personal channel and upload one or two videos a month on the travel channel. If you like, you can follow both channels so as not to miss anything or follow me at facebook where I share absolutely everything I do on YouTube, this blog or Instagram, of any subject.

Month Favorites

Courses in Skillshare

First of all, I would like to comment that I have been using this platform for three months now. I feel like I am ready to comment and recommend it.

If you are interested in any of the courses I have taken and would like to try Skillshare, you can use my link:

This link works like this: I share 2 free months of Skillshare Premium with friends and earn a free month for each friend once they complete their first full payment. I have no affiliation or sponsorship with them. It is simply a link within the platform to share with friends.

Now yes, the courses of the month:

Creative Breakthrough: 8 Exercises to Power Your Creativity, Confidence & Career (by Danielle Krysa)

This specific class impacted me a lot and I want to talk about it in another post.

Workshop: Dream It, Do It: Build Your Creative Business

Skillshare Talks | From Dreaming to Doing with Creative Freelancer Bonnie Christine (por Bonnie Christine)

Make a Living as an Artist: Strategies for Crafting Your Creative Business (by Brooke Glaser)

Art Licensing Fundamentals: Finding Buyers for Your Art (by Shannon McNab)

Find Your Signature Design Style (by Maja Faber)


I think I lost track but this month I was learning a lot of basics about WordPress and Elementor. Although Skillshare has several courses on Elementor, I found it easier to search for everything I needed on YouTube. I will leave here some of the channels that helped me the most this month:

Elementor Website Builder with WordPress



Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Legend of Korra



Red Sparrow
Christopher Robin
Lady & the Tramp Action
The Lion King Live Action
How to Build a Girl

New domain, Zelandia, Wellington & More || June 2020

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