New paths || April 2024

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Hello there, welcome to this blog. This months, I decided to take some time at home and try some new ideas career and income wise. Most of the month, I worked on becoming an Online Spanish Tutor. I started out on the platform “Preply” and I wrote a whole post about it if you’re interested.

Aside from that, I got sick with the change of season and it took me a few weeks to get better. After almost recovering, Jono got sick for a week and I got sick for a second time after him. Fortunately, that’s all done and dusted although it prevented me from doing anything else other than the Tutoring for the month. I even had to tutor some classes with a sore throat but it went all well for the most part!

Lastly, I did have a sprinkle of fun with two modeling projects at the beginning and at the end of the month. Keep scrolling the post for those!

Becoming an Online Spanish Tutor

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