Rivendell Trip: Kaitoke Regional Park || New Zealand

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“Pristine rainforest and crystal clear rivers create the magical elvish tranquility of this Lord of the Rings filming location.”


A number of early Maori routes from the Wairarapa to Wellington passed by what is now Kaitoke Regional Park. By 1856 a road connected the fertile plains of the Wairarapa with the port of Wellington.

In 1939 the untouched forests of Kaitoke Regional Park and the Hutt Water Collection Area were purchased to supply water to the Wellington region. World War II interrupted construction works and it was not until April 1957 that the dam-like water-intake weir, an underground aqueduct and the first treatment plant were completed.

Since that time the Kaitoke area has been popular for picnicking and swimming. The park as we know it began in 1963.

Today the weir, Stuart Macaskill water storage lakes and treatment facilities supply water to Upper Hutt, Porirua and Wellington. Park visitors enjoy easy access to pristine lowland rainforest, landscaped picnic and camping areas, and an excellent track network suited to a wide range of ages and abilities.

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