Santa Catarina, Nuevo León

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Hello everyone, welcome to this blog! Today I bring to you *drum roll* my hometown… Santa Catarina! I was born in the capital of the state, Monterrey but I grew up in Santa Catarina and my mom’s family has extensive history there.

Jono and I visited last year 2022 after not being in Mexico for over 3.5 years. We also wandered around other cities in Nuevo Leon (the state), Mexico. Not the most touristic place in Mexico but beautiful non the less.

The whole state is mostly an industrial and business oriented place but you’d be surprised… We’re in the middle of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range and we have pretty cool landscapes and mountain climbing so if you’re into that, you’re in for a treat!

Santa Catarina is part of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area and it is located 9 km west of Monterrey, (16.0 km according to google Maps) by Blvd. Antonio L. Rodríguez and Carr. Monterrey – Saltillo/Matehuala – Monterrey/Mexico 40.

It takes its name in honor of the Catholic saint Catalina de Alejandría. It is a city patron of philosophers, students, teachers and preachers. Most of my mom’s family is or used to be a teacher. The House of Culture or Cultural House “Efraín Díaz de la Garza” in La Fama is named after my great grand father, as well as a school nearby and a street! Picture that.

It is weird to google your hometown which is a tiny place that nobody knows about and yet have your roots so deep in there. I have yet to do a DNA test and go back to where my family migrated from but as far as being from this land goes, my mom’s side grandfather’s family goes far back to the first settlers.

Since it’s basically a deserted land, nobody really settled here until the Europeans came along with their cattle animals and could make use of the land as opposed to the center and south of Mexico where the resources and land were great for agriculture.

Santa Catarina dates back to 1577, when Alberto del Canto left a ranch, whose main purpose was to serve as a resting place between trips from Monterrey to Saltillo. Protected by the Courts of Cádiz, in 1820 it began to have its first council headed by Joaquín García, called Valle de Santa Catarina and since 1861 it was called a town. On November 20, 1977, it was elevated to the category of city.

The founder of Monterrey, Diego de Montemayor, granted Captain Lucas García ownership of the waters and lands. The date of this event was November 20, 1596 and the area was renamed Hacienda de Santa Catalina. Over time, the pronunciation was Americanized, from being Santa Catalina to Santa Catarina.

The main activity is that of the industrial sector in its transformation branch.

It should be noted that its proximity to San Pedro gives it access to the best areas, shopping centers and luxury residential complexes. Reason for which, people seek housing in the entity to enjoy the security and development that the town has had.

The total population of Santa Catarina in 2020 was 306,322 inhabitants, being 50.2% women and 49.8% men.

Ah yeah, I promised you mountains, right?

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