The Artist Way – Week 7: Recovering a Sense of Connection

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Hello and welcome to this Artist Way check in Week 7. The Artist Way is a book written by Julia Cameron that is meant to guide artist and creatives of all walks of life through a 12 week process of self discovery and unlock of your creative freedom. If you’re curious to know more about it, check out my blog where I describe the different components of the 12 week journey and tools included in the book.

The weekly check ins in this blog answer the questions Julia asks to put your progress into perspective. I added the weekly tasks to the list and categorized the questions as follow:

  • Morning Pages:
    How many days this week did you do your morning pages
  • Artist Dates:
    Did you do your artist date this week? What did you do? How did it feel?
  • Weekly Tasks:
    I added the weekly tasks here.
  • Check In:
    Did you experience any synchronicity this week? What was it? 
    Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery? Describe them.

Without further a do, let’s have a look at these weeks’ check ins!

Morning Pages

  • How many days this week did you do your morning pages? 5/7

Artist Dates

  • Did you do your artist date this week? What did you do? How did it feel? 

Weekly Tasks


QUESTION: What would I do if I didn’t have to do it perfectly?

ANSWER: A great deal more than I am. We’ve all heard that the unexamined life is not worth living, but consider too that the unlived life is not worth examining.


Your jealousy map will have three columns. In the first column. name those whom you are jealous of. Next to each name write why. Be as specific and accurate as you can. In the third column. list one action you can take to move toward creative risk and out of jealousy. When jealousy bites. like a snakebite it requires an immediate antidote. On paper, make your jealousy map:


______________ _______________ _________________________

______________ _______________ _________________________

______________ _______________ _________________________


The phrases that follow are more of your sleuth work. Very often. We have buried parts of ourselves that can be uncovered by some digging. Not only will your answers tell you what you missed in the past; they will tell you what you can be doing now, to comfort and encourage your child artist. It is not too late. no matter what your ego tells you.

Complete these phrases.

As a kid. I missed the chance to socialize, explore, be encouraged to make mistakes.

As a kid. I lacked connection, care, understanding, nurturing, love.

As a kid. I could have used quality time with people to guide me, make me feel accepted and loved.

As a kid. I dreamed of being a performer or athlete.

As a kid. I wanted a balanced connection, happy, stable, functional family. A break from life.

In my house. we never had enough communication.

As a kid, I needed more love.

I am sorry that I will never again see my mom through rose lenses.

For years, I have missed and wondered about my potential.

I beat myself up about the loss of my innocent enthusiasm.

It is important to acknowledge our positive inventory as well as our shortfalls. Take positive stock of what good you have to build on in the present. Finish these phrases.

I have a loyal friend in Leslie,  Valentina.

One thing I like about my town is there’s lots of people to talk to,  nature.

I think I have nice home and soul.

Writing my morning pages has shown me I can be insightful without pain, committed, and consistent.

I am taking a greater interest in self love, self care.

I believe I am getting better at mindful accountability.

My artist has started to pay more attention to being present in life.

My self – care is holistic.

I feel more safe and grateful.

Possibly, my creativity is healing, joyful and powerful.


● Make this phrase a mantra: “Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong.” Watercolor or crayon or calligraph this phrase. Post it where you will see it daily. We tend to think being hard on ourselves will make us strong. But it is cherishing ourselves that gives us strength.

● Give yourself time out to listen to one side of an album, just for joy. You may want to doodle as you listen, allowing yourself to draw the shapes, emotions, and thoughts you hear in the music. Notice how just twenty minutes can refresh you. Learn to take these mini – artist dates to break stress and allow insight.

The gift of being sensitive comes with a price. Sensitive people have to take action and become lionhearted to sacrifice themselves for a better world against what we’ve become and what the “lionhearted”, the knives have done. King Midas represents capitalism keeping us tight.

● Take yourself into a sacred space — a church, synagogue, library, grove of trees — and allow yourself to savor the silence and healing solitude. Each of us has a personal idea of what sacred space is. For me, a large clock store or a great aquarium store can engender a sense of timeless wonder. Experiment.

Art gallery

● Create one wonderful smell in your house — with soup, incense, fir branches, candles — whatever.

● Wear your favorite item of clothing for no special occasion. 


Buy yourself one wonderful pair of socks. one wonderful pair of gloves — one wonderfully comforting, self — loving something.

● Collage: Collect a stack of at least ten magazines, which you will allow yourself to freely dismember. Set a twenty – minute time limit for yourself, tear (literally) through the magazines collecting any images that reflect your life or interests. Think of this collage as a form of pictorial autobiography. Include your past. present. future. and your dreams. It is okay to include images you simply like. Keep pulling until you have a good stack of images (at least twenty). Now take a sheet of newspaper, a stapler, or some tape or glue and arrange your images in a way that pleases you.

● Quickly list five favorite films. Do you see any common denominators among them? Are they romances? adventures, period pieces, political dramas, family epics, thrillers? Do you see traces of your cinematic themes in your collage?

  1. Parent Trap
  2. Princess Diaries
  3. Anne with an E
  4. Outlander
  5. Leon the professional 

● Name your favorite topics to read about: comparative religion. movies. ESP. physics. rags – to – riches. betrayal. love triangles. scientific breakthroughs. sports. Are these topics in your collage?

  1. Psychological
  2. Fantasy
  3. Thriller 
  4. Self development
  5. Self discovery

● Give your collage a place of honor. Even a secret place of honor is all right — in your closet. in a drawer. anywhere that is yours. You may want to do a new one every few months. or collage more thoroughly a dream you are trying to accomplish.

Week Recapitulation

Monday th –

Tuesday th –

Wednesday th –

Thursday th –

Friday th –

Saturday th –

Sunday th –


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