2023 Review and 2024 Plan

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2023 Review

Title of my 2023 chapter: Healing, grieving, feeling and joy

Highlights and accomplishments of 2023

  • Seleno Health Tour away from home
  • Hair growth journey
  • Start therapy, feeling things deeply
  • Pause and advocate for myself
  • Digby Woolf and WoW
  • East Asia Trip
  • North Island end of year trip

What worked

  • Letting go
  • Self compassion
  • Investing in myself
  • Being flexible and not having expectations, going with the flow
  • Taking time
  • Thinking within and silencing the outside noise

What didn’t work

  • Depression, isolation
  • Self loathing, self doubt, poor self esteem
  • Putting too much pressure into life decision making

What did I learn

  • To be patient with myself and cut me some slack, have compassion
  • Stop listening to the unusual outside noise
  • Investing time, money and effort into healing

What am I most grateful for

  • Therapy and time to heal

2024 Plan

Theme: Gentle growth

Self care, setting the base for strong foundations. My base is gentle, soft and comforting and warm and caring, slow and patient. Not cold and heavy and rough like a building. It’s a different kind of strong.

Soften into life and you will be strong.

Tiny Buddha

Some notes from Tiny Buddha‘s post: “It’s the hard things that break; soft things don’t break…You can waste so many years of your life trying to become something hard in order not to break; but it’s the soft things that can’t break! The hard things are the ones that shatter into a million pieces!” – C Joybell C

To use a cliché, the tree that doesn’t bend, breaks. A hard tree can endure a lot, but when a strong wind blows, it cracks and falls over. Let’s look at a bunch of images to see this more clearly.

The more you hurt, the more you fear. The more you fear, the thicker the armour you wear. The thicker your armour, the more it weighs you down. When my armour finally cracked and fell off, it led to a complete breakdown. It was during the recovery from that breakdown that I learned what real strength was.

Bravely learn to relax with life and see what happens, and you will make decisions with more wisdom and take actions with more power than if you were fighting.

2024 Goals

  • Create more space for health, wellness, creativity, play and adventure
  • Work towards having shorter work days
  • Take better care of me, my things, and my space
  • Grow slow, build slow so it can last longer
  • Spend more time outdoors and rediscover everyday in New Zealand
  • Build a financial foundation
  • More physical activity working towards general care

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