Adapting to the “New Normal” after Covid-19 || May 2020

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Hello everyone and welcome one more month to my blog! I hope you are very well and are having a good time. If not, I hope they are at least healthy as is their entire family. Here we are again with a month count and this time we talk about the month of May 2020: Adapting to the “New Normal” after Covid-19.

Week 1 (1-7) Garden and High Vibration

This week I have been experimenting a little more with the camera recording different things around the garden. Especially since in these last days of autumn we took advantage of the good weather to do some gardening together with Jono’s parents.

High Vibration

In these first days I felt very good. I felt something that I have not felt in a long time. Something that I personally call illumination or high vibration.

High vibration is linked to positivity, love , compassion and tranquility. In contrast, low vibration is related to fear, anxiety, sadness and depression. The more high your vibration, the more authentic you will be and the more you will be able to tune into what you really want and then manifest it in the world. (Fuente)

Basically I felt fulfilled, that I was doing what I liked… Playing with the camera, learning many things, being creative and at the same time, taking time to spend with my family and enjoy nature and the simple things in life.

YouTube Video of the Week: Chatty Makeup

Experimenting with Video Edition

We were also experimenting with the editing systems since the program I was using before was giving me a lot of trouble. It made the editing process very tedious… Making it difficult to see the errors and details of the videos due to the lag and then the annoyance of having to go through a whole process to fix something simple, I decided to ignore and leave errors in the videos that in the long run I would be left with videos of poorer quality.

The new system we are using is DaVinci, we are still learning its functions but it is much more fluid than before and the weight that we take off in editing can be put into the creative process with more effects and time to record quality videos.

Week 2 (8-14) #QuarantineBurnout

Quarantine Burnout

This second week was a little slower. The daily life of the quarantine began to hit me. Not that I felt the need to go out or socialize (like the introvert that I am) but I felt that whatever I did was the same. I started following a pattern and I didn’t see a difference from one day to the next.

Last month I’ve been learning a lot about Personal Branding. This caught my attention and excited me a lot, but apparently (not that I didn’t realize it before but I notice it now) my retention on a specific topic is not very high.

So after a week of not feeling creative and starting to feel the discomfort of quarantine. I decided to start learning something new: content creation.

Mother’s Day

This week we also celebrate Mother’s Day in Mexico and here in New Zealand.

Fun Fact: Only Belize, Qatar, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Pakistan, Singapore celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10.

New Zealand and around 40 other countries celebrate it on the Second Sunday in May, which coincidentally aligned this year with May 10.

If you want to know more about this tradition and when it is celebrated around the world, do click here.

YouTube Video of the Week: We Need to Talk

Adapting to the “New Normal” after Covid-19 || May 2020

Week 3 (15-21) I had a job Interview. Spoiler Alert: I got it!

On Friday May 15 I had a job interview and the following Wednesday May 20 they told me that I was hired. I find it very surprising and I consider myself very fortunate since in the current situation many people in New Zealand and around the world lost their jobs.

This was the first (and only) job I applied to after quarantine and I got it. It is also a job in my industry and it is one that will represent a challenge for me since I will have to take charge of a new project by a venue (event venue) and catering company. I’ll tell you more about this once I’m more in business.

This was the first time I left the house in over 6 weeks.

We also had the attempt of another creative session, however this session was not as prolific as we struggled a bit to capture a good angle of what we wanted to capture. It was still a good experiment and here is one of my favorite photos:

Youtube Video of the Week: Day in the Garden

Adapting to the “New Normal” after Covid-19 || May 2020

Week 4 (22-30) First week of Work after Covid-19 in New Zealand

This week there was not much movement to say on the side of virtual learning and different projects that I have shared throughout the month and in the past months. However, it was something new for me since as I mentioned above, I got a job and this week was my first week of work.

So far I have realized that it is undoubtedly a job that is going to be a great challenge for me since it is something I have not done before. But at the same time I know that I will come out much stronger than before and with technical and personal experiences that will help me a lot in my personal growth and development.

Adapting to the “New Normal” after Covid-19 || May 2020

Monthly Favorites

If you have already visited my blog before, you know that along with the recap of the month I also share my favorites of the month where I include entertainment things from movies, series and music that I have discovered, as well as courses that I have taken and different learning media online.

This month I decided to make a separate post so if you like May click here.

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