I shaved my head

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Hello there! Welcome to this blog. As you can see from the title of this blog, well… I shaved my head!

If you had followed my blog and social media recently, you’d know I’ve been rocking the “long pixie” for a few months while in Central America. Believe it or not, the pixie was not my idea. I originally didn’t intend to cut my hair short at all (although I’ve been curious).

I went to the salon with my friend Mariana (who was also cutting her hair to donate it). I was coming in just to get some layering and texture to my existing Bob (that I cut myself), but the hairstylist had a different idea in mind… We ended up in the salon for about 5-6 hours playing around with a few vintage hairstyles and outfits. Long story…

The behind the scene stoty about this is a bit more complicated, but since we’re here to talk about the buzz cut, I’ll leave the link to the blog of that day down below.

As I mentioned, I cut my own hair in early 2022 into a Bob (Hi Bob), which was the first time I ever cut my hair into a different style other than cutting my tips short.

Since I hadn’t really experimented too much with styles before that, I gradually built myself to start taking action on my own this year.

Besides, there’s been times that I go to the hairstylist asking for a slightly more “riskey” cut like a shaggy and ended up going out with a couple of long layers which had less of a dramatic effect than I intended. Even though this wasn’t the case for (who did the 3 vintage hairstyles on me), lots of hairstylist don’t go all-out for the dramatic, exciting change of look.

So saving myself a couple of bucks and trying some “crazy” hairstyles on my own was something I needed to do to scratch that itch. Granted, a plane shave wasn’t too much of a challenge to start (which is good for an amateur like me) but definitely a much needed dramatic change.

First day shaved

I shaved back in December after coming back from Central America into Wellington, and we mostly spend the time with Jono’s family for the holidays, so not many people or workmates saw the bare shave style but I shaved it again mid January to go on a two week work trip with my friends from Seleno Health, Sally and Corin to the South Island.

Now, I’m letting it grow slowly, and I’m taking some pictures and videos to make a little time-lapse of the growth journey.

I was thinking of bleaching my shaved cut to experiment on that look, and I was considering doing some other interesting looks on the way, but I might let it grow slowly and see where it takes me.

Without spoiling the full month update… Here’s a few pics from the only photoshoot I’ve done with this hair so far.

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