Crafts Markets, Sewing Projects & Moving to Wellington CBD! || June 2021

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Hello you guys, welcome to June 2021! This month is full of new things such as me attending to two crafts markets as a exhibitor!

June Review

June in one word: Fresh

“This month, I took steps to get closer to my goals & dream life” (1-10): 10


Highlights of June:

  1. Crafts Markets: Felt a sense of purpose
  2. Went to GYM Groove (dance class): Felt energized & happy
  3. Worked on my Artist Profile

One thing I learned:

I’m in the process of letting myself immerse into the artistic & creative world by letting go of the ideas of what I should or should’ve been (rational, practical, useful, productive).

One thing I’m proud of:

Staying positive after being sick / having my period through the second half of the month. Looking at the month as a whole & being grateful for the good things that have happened.

How can I improve for next month?

I’d like to review the past half of the year and start tracking progress with intentions for a happier, healthier, more satisfying life.

Crafts Markets

This is something that I thought of doing before since I’ve been thinking about the idea of having an art & crafts business but never thought it would actually happen.

Aro Valley Market

The Aro Valley Market this time had the theme “Made in Welly” and included artists and artisans of the local area. I took a few of the craft items & art I had accumulated at home for the past year and worked on some new products such as the little crochet cactus pin cushions.

Victoria University Market

For this Market, we attended the Victoria University World Refugee Crafts Market. Along with the Market we were able to learn about the situation of refugees in New Zealand and all over the world.

Sewing: Belle & Cinderella Costume Skirts

This month I had the goal to finish both of these costumes but since I was invited to the Crafts Markets & took my time to create some products and prepare for the Markets. I wished to finish these in one month but next month I’ll be moving to Wellington so I’ll have to keep these projects on hold for a little while.

Model: Edgy Makeup @ Te Auaha

So happy & exited about this quick makeup photoshoot since I haven’t been able to experiment or play around with any type of fashion makeup other than my typical natural looks. I loved working with Makeup Artist: Kelly Thorn at the Te Auaha, “New Zealand Institute of Creativity”.

Move to Wellington

After a long time we finally moved to a Wellington CBD apartment. We’ve been thinking about moving for a while but I personally have been really insecure about my financial situation due to my career (tourism) and the current pandemic crisis. Nonetheless, moving to the city will be a great opportunity for me to get more opportunities in tourism, modeling, art & more.

We decided to move early this year in January but had to wait for tenants to move out of the apartment we’re moving into.

I’d be talking more about this move in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned!

July Goals

July will be: Fulfilling, satisfying, personal, bright

Top 3 goals for July:

  1. Finish moving & start decorating Wellington apartment
  2. Work out product collection for Crafts Markets / Facebook Market
  3. Set up systems for the second half of the year (goals, plans)

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Thanks for reading and see you next time! ♡

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