Coronavirus and being unemployed in a foreign country || March 2020

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Hello everyone, welcome to this the third month of the year. In this post: Coronavirus and being unemployed in New Zealand || March 2020. Earlier this month I concluded my trip to the south island of New Zealand.

If you are interested in knowing more about this you can check my post from February 2020. End of the “Van Tour” in New Zealand and Return to Wellington.

At the end of this trip we stayed for about 10 days at a friend’s house in Christchurch. When we were finally ready to leave, we crossed from the south island to the north island via ferry. This, to return to Wellington and begin looking for job opportunities and places to live.

My intention for this month was first of all to find a job or jobs. As well as an apartment or house to live in Wellington. However, I don’t think it’s too difficult to imagine why there was a drastic change in the situation… For me and practically for everyone else in the world.

Coronavirus and being unemployed in New Zealand || March 2020


The coronavirus turned out to be a situation for which none of us were prepared. In the February post I shared a map that indicated the cases by country. While Mexico was going through its second case, New Zealand barely had the first.

Now Mexico has 993 cases and New Zealand 552.

Coronavirus Map (COVID-19)

The situation in Mexico

The situation in Mexico, as you know, is somewhat complicated. Many people consider that it was very unfortunate that the world suffered this crisis while questionable leaders rule in many countries.

I have to admit I have not followed (nor do I want to follow) the news at all. My only source of information is social networks and what I have discussed with my family through video chat.

At first, as I indicated in my YouTube Video… I thought that not only Mexico but most of the countries of the world were not taking this situation seriously.

After talking with my family they told me that in Nuevo Leon (my home state), some special measures were being taken directed by the state governor. I was very happy to hear this and I felt calmer because despite the fact that in these situations no one knows what to do… There are a thousand ways things can go wrong, I feel that it is better to be safe and careful. Doing everything possible to receive and minimize damages and taking these measures is the best that governments can / could do at an early stage.

Even so, there were situations such as that the planes that were diverting from the United States due to their closed borders, were receiving them in Mexico City without any care or even checking the passengers who arrived.
Today they still did not have a curfew but they were already preparing and programming for this, at least in my hometown.

My family in Mexico

My brother, who was working in Orlando, Florida, like thousands of people in the hospitality and other industries had a great impact. This since in the first instance, the restaurant of the hotel where Cerro worked. They left only the restaurant that gave room service (specifically he worked in this one) and continued to have work until the United States had to finally apply stricter measures and the hotel closed for good. Today he is already with my family in Monterrey, quarantining and waiting to see what else happens in this pandemic, like the rest of us. A couple of days ago I took a flight with the idea of ​​returning home before the Mexican borders closed.

Coronavirus and being unemployed in New Zealand || March 2020

My situation in the middle of the Pandemic

Luckily for me and Jono (my boyfriend), I feel that the situation aligned perfectly because as I mentioned at the beginning of this post and in the past, we were just traveling through the south island of New Zealand.

At the same time the pandemic began to spread throughout the world, we were returning to Wellington. Here we took shelter at the home of Jono’s parents. The idea, of course, was to stay here for a couple of weeks while we got jobs and a place to live. However, due to the pandemic, we found ourselves in the situation of having to stay for a longer time. Both, Jono and I applied for jobs. We were both informed that under other circumstances we would’ve obtained the jobs. Although, due to the situation of the pandemic they were not accepting new people at the time.

We hope that once this is over we can go to these same places that luckily these companies are not affected so drastically and directly (as are hotels and small restaurants) and start with the plans that we had.

The situation in New Zealand

New Zealand closed its borders to everyone with the exception of citizens and residents around March 19-20. “It is important to reiterate that New Zealand residents and citizens overseas will still be able to return home” – Immigration New Zealand

It was decreed to make a home lockdown or “lockdown” officially on March 26. Since this day no one at home has gone out at all. Jono’s parents supplied the house with enough food for several weeks. Before this date we were going out on average each week for food and shopping.

“State of emergency declared – stay home. Symptomatic travelers to New Zealand will be quarantined. ” – Immigration New Zealand


Luckily for me, the truth is that I don’t usually go out a lot anyway. I am that part of the population that is happy to be able to have time at home without having to worry about anything. In fact, my aspiration in the future is to be able to work 100% from home and have recurring jobs at different times of modeling, arts and others.

This month has helped me to experiment more with my blog, YouTube and new platforms such as online course platforms, websites where I can offer freelance services, among others.

If you want to know more about this topic, I leave the link to the post with more details here. In case you read me before, you may have noticed that I changed the site for this blog from WordPress to Wix. I already had my Wix page before but I had kept using WordPress for my personal blog because I felt it was easier. However, I have realized that Wix is ​​much more aesthetic and when you learn to use it it is also very easy and accessible.

If you like to leave me any thoughts or suggestions regarding this it will be greatly appreciated. I hope to see you in future blog posts as well as on youtube.

Coronavirus and being unemployed in New Zealand || March 2020

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