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Hello guys, welcome! Today I’m sharing with you a few of the projects that I got done for the first term of 2021 in the Upper Hutt Woman’s Centre Community Classes. This time I had the chance to work on 3 projects through the 6 weeks:

  1. Velvet Shorts
  2. Fixed Pants
  3. Maori Doll

Sewing Classes

Since I started my community sewing class last year, I’ve been very excited about trying new projects. Although it always takes some time to pick up and start a new one, this year’s sewing class started to make me think about new projects all over again.

Sewing Class 1: Short Pattern

Sewing Class 2: Short Sewing
Sewing Class 3: Making Big Pants Smaller

The first class we had I almost forgot we had a class at all. I didn’t have a project or fabric ready for the class so I decided to take some pants I’ve been meaning to fix to try it out.

It was the first time I ever fixed any clothes to make them my size. In this case, I made the pants smaller to fit me. I did most of the leg work in class and then finish off the waist band at home.

Sewing Class 4: Fixing Pants Figure
Sewing Class 5: Doll Body

Funny enough, I almost forgot I had a class this time again. The day before I look through ideas and I’ve always been fascinated with dolls representing one country’s culture through their clothes and they way they’re made.

I’d like to start doing Mexican style dolls in the future but decided to take a random doll pattern online and give it a go. Since I don’t have Mexican fabrics available to me, I decided I’m going to try making a Maori doll but haven’t gone around to getting the fabrics and extra materials to finish it off yet. Stay tuned for that!

Sewing Class 6: Doll Clothes

Reflection on my progress

I must say this felt like a very slow progress compared to what it felt on my first term with the Woman’s Centre since last time I attended the class twice a week vs once a week this time.

Sewing projects do take some time even though sewing is a very satisfactory craft for its quickness and ease once you manage to handle the basics. Before I’d had the chance to start a new project every Monday since I’d be able to come back and finish it on Wednesday. If there’d be any extra things to do I’d have enough time with the garment at class that I could figure it out at home.

This time I had to come back with the project from a previous week to finish it off in class since I still tried to bring new things that I’ve never done before to be able to master with the help of the teacher’s knowledge.

As every craft or thing in life I definitively feel way more comfortable and confident with the sewing machine, different types of fabrics and projects in general than how I felt in the past term and makes me more confident to keep experimenting and try new crazy things at home in the future.

Some of the techniques or overall new things I learnt:

  1. Drawing a pattern from a garment I own
  2. Sewing a slippery & fluffy fabric such as velvet
  3. Adjusting pants to fit to my waist
  4. Tailor pants to a more fit shape
  5. Sewing a fabric doll
  6. Doll clothes

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Thanks for reading and see you next time! ♡

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