Hair Growth Month 2

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Hello there! This is the second month growth update.

Week 6 – 9

This month we’re seeing the pixie cut come to life. Specially towards weeks 7-9. Week 6 still has that duckling effect I was talking about last month. If you missed last month’s update or you’re just simply curious to see it again. Check out the blog linked below.

I have now started to use a rework putty I found at the super market to tame down those hairs around the spiral of the back of my head. As the hair growths the exta bits start pocking about just like last month’s hair over the ears but I expect them to not be so pocky as it keeps growing down and getting heavier. I think it was week 7-8 where I’d wake up with these hairs standing up and they were very persistent to keep up. Now it’s less so and only every now and then.

I can’t fully recommend the putty I’m using because although it does the work, I can’t compare it to a mousse I was given by the hairstylist of my three vintage haircuts. Sadly, I left it in Mexico when I went and visit my family last year so I haven’t been able to use it yet but I might try to get my hands on it as I see fit for the styling of my hair when the time comes.

I feel like I can start dressing a bit more cute and adding extra accessories to play around with the look. A friend at work did started commenting on how cute it was more than before so I take that as a reassurance that it looks more like a deliberate style than last month’s duckling phase.

I’ll keep sharing my updates every month and working on small time-lapse shorts as I start getting more photos piling up. Might be uploading a three month mark one so stay tuned for next month!

If you’re curious about the how’s and why’s of this decision, check out my “I shaved my head” blog down below.

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