Travel Diaries: Thailand

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Hello there traveller! Welcome to today’s blog. We’re back in Thailand. From the tropical islands & flavourful cuisine to the stunning temples & famed martial arts. A traveller’s favourite! and a backpacker’s paradise. In this blog, we’re exploring the north of Thailand and more specifically Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai.

Some of you might now, I’ve also done a 6 month internship in Thailand so if you’re curious about living in Bangkok and more of the attractions there have a look here: Bangkok Diaries.

And here: Kanchanaburi for a separate road trip we did from Bangkok.

Also, this is our second to last destination in our two plus months in South East Asia. Our last destination is Lao but we’ve gone through a few other countries so if you’re interested in doing a longer SEA trip, have a look for our itineraries, tips and tricks in the links down below:

South East Asia | Thailand | Malaysia | Singapore | Indonesia | Laos

How did we got here?

We sorta escape Indonesia to get here. I mean, we had a great time but I got a stomach bug! Not fun… We’ve been traveling for a while and it was my very first time backpacking unlike Jono. I also learned to realize that burnout is a very big thing for me but I’ll spare you the details (Check out the Indonesian blogs for that)

We flew from Jakarta to Bangkok and from there to Chiang Mai. I was almost fully recovered by then but we also spent some time relaxing at our respective accommodations and taking it easy as time wise we knew we were slowly getting to the end of the trip.

Chiang Mai

Day 1 : Elephant Sanctuary

Day 2 City wander and Museums

Day 3 Doi Ithanon

Day 4 Temple

Chiang Rai

Day 5 Black Temple

Day 6 Dragon and Blue Temples

Day 7 White Temple


Pai is a small town in Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand. Known as the hippie town of Thailand, Pai is a small village of no more than four streets. Its leisurely pace of life, hippie vibe and natural surroundings have made Pai a must-see destination for travelers taking time to explore northern Thailand.

Day 8 Pai Canyon

Day 9 Rice Fields, Split Land and Waterfall

What Next?

We took a two day slow boat across the Mekong River towards Luang Prabang Laos! Definitively one of the most unique travels I’ve experienced so far. Don’t miss any details and have a look at our next adventure:

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